Cancer Associated Thrombosis: Optimising Patient Care and Navigating Clinical Challenges

Recorded: April 5, 2022. 

This webinar has been sponsored by LEO Pharma A/S.

Cancer-associated thrombosis (CAT) is a MASCC supportive care priority, advanced globally by the outstanding Hemostasis Study Group. This interdisciplinary team of dedicated clinicians focuses on anticoagulation prevention and treatment and, most importantly, the quality of life in people at risk of or experiencing CAT.

CAT is the second most common cause of death in cancer patients, next to cancer itself. Join us to hear the most recent evidence on people at risk of or experiencing this serious complication. Hearing firsthand about
the emotional experience of a thrombosis for people with cancer presents an opportunity for action for all clinicians, patients, and the public.

• Introduction – Prof Annie Young, Session Chair
• Cancer-Associated Thrombosis – Recent Developments – Prof Florian Scotté
• Ensuring Patient-Centered Care in the Management of Cancer-Associated Thrombosis – Prof Simon Noble
• Live Q&A

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