From Cure to Care: Early Multidisciplinary Approaches for the Management of Cancer Patients

Recorded: November 9 & 23, 2021

In recent years, the concept of patient care in oncology has evolved significantly. Hear from international experts on integrating the “cure” and “care” paradigms by way of a multidisciplinary approach throughout the cancer patient pathway.


Session 1:

Integration of Supportive Care in the Standard of Oncological Treatment: The Simultaneous Care

  • Supportive care and palliative care: multidisciplinary approaches (Dr Andreia Capela)
  • The oncologist’s role within the multidisciplinary team (Dr Florian Scotté)
  • Organizational models for supportive care: the concept of continuous care (Dr Carla Ripamonti)

Remote Patient Management During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic: Current and Future Scenarios

  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the supportive care program (Dr Florian Scotté)
  • Telemedicine as a resource during the pandemic: an important lesson for non-pandemic scenarios (Dr Roberto Ascione)


Session 2:

Focus on Background Pain and BTcP Management: From Cancer Diagnosis and Beyond Cancer Treatment

  • BTcP vs background pain: main differences (Prof Andrew Davies)
  • The importance of early pain diagnosis and management approach  (Prof Andrew Davies)
  • Pharmacological treatments of background pain and BTcP: different choices and multiple effects (Prof Andrew Davies)
  • Latest RWE data: the CAVIDIOPAL and the CAVIDIOR studies (Dr Albert Tuca & Dr Raúl Hernanz)

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