Cancer-Associated Thrombosis (CAT) in COVID-19 Era

Recorded: March 11 2021

Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) occurs in up to 20% of patients with cancer and contributes significantly to morbidity and mortality up to 7-fold interfering with cancer treatment. Oncology patients have higher rates of VTE recurrence and of bleedings with anticoagulants and it can be the first clinical manifestation of an undiagnosed cancer. 

In light of the pandemic, patients have a cumulative higher risk for CAT, not only from cancer, but also from COVID-19 infection as well. Watch this webinar where we discuss the considerations, risks of thrombosis and the benefit of thromboprophylaxis in the COVID-19 era to avoid the negative clinical consequences and protect patients against the cumulative high risk for CAT.

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Cancer-Associated Thrombosis (CAT) in COVID-19 Era
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