A Guide to Breakthrough Cancer Pain (BTcP)

Breakthrough cancer pain (BTcP) is a common phenomenon, with a reported overall prevalence of ~60% in patients with cancer pain. It has a significant impact on quality of life, which relates not only to the pain itself, but also to the associated physical, psychological, and social problems. Equally, it has a significant impact on health systems (due to the increased use of healthcare resources).

BTcP is often misdiagnosed, and frequently mismanaged / undertreated. These on-line educational sessions will highlight the so- called "ART" of managing BTcP: A = adequate Assessment; R = adequate Re-assessment; T = appropriate Treatment (i.e. personalised treatment), and address often-asked questions by patients and their families about BTcP.

This course has been supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Angelini Pharma.

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Breakthrough Cancer Pain (BTcP)
What is BTcP?
How do you treat BTcP?
Commonly asked questions on BTcP
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