Supportive Care and Geriatric Oncology: Common Goals and Common Challenges. A MASCC/SIOG NAH Webinar.


  • Introduction – Asst Prof Kristen Haase
  • End-of-Life Care in Older Patients with Cancer: Results From a Large Data Linkage Study in Belgium – Victoria Depoorter
  • Providing Supportive Care for Older Adults with Cancer in Rapidly Aging Societies: A Look at Latin America – Dr Andrea Perez de Acha
  • Q&A period


Educational Objectives:

  • Understand the specific issues associated with the provision of supportive and palliative care for older adults with cancer, including barriers and facilitators
  • Learn about the commonalities between multidisciplinary supportive care provision and geriatric oncology care for older adults with cancer
  • Understand the disparities in the provision of palliative and supportive care for older adults in developing regions of the world.

This webinar is made possible by the MASCC Geriatrics Study Group and SIOG Nursing Allied Health Group.

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